Residential Beekeeping

Hiya! My name is Emily. I grew up in a tiny town and moved to a small city for school. I ended up staying in the suburbs after school. So here I am, going back-and-forth about wanting to move to the country. I recognize the allure of country living and land ownership as well as the comfort and convenience of living in the suburbs. I finished school a few years ago now, and my husband and I have a nice little Cape Cod with a few city lots, a Labrador-mix doggo, and two kitties. No chickens, no goats and obviously no cow. Some days I think about all the animals I would have, if I had property where zoning laws didn’t prohibit me from owning much more than a dog and a couple of cats.


I was thinking of getting chickens: just a few for eggs. Our neighboring cities can have four chickens, so I thought I would double check with the town clerk.  Unfortunately, our zoning laws said no to most animal ownership, declaring you need three acres to have chickens – HOWEVER it said nothing about bees!


And so this is the start of my suburban beekeeping journey. I plan to blog my experiences and what I am learning as a novice, hobby beekeeper. Hope you will follow along and give me advice or just see what I am learning.




Hiya! My name's Emily. I live in upstate New York as a hobby beekeeper in the suburbs. I love Spring, smiling, apples with peanut butter and creating beautiful things.

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    1. Absolutely! Looking forward to learning more so I can put some hives in the Valley too, eventually. A guy from the club said I could go with him to take a swarm out of a house next week. That’s how I want to hive bees!

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